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Suggested List of YouTube Videos, Playlists and Channels

I’m collecting a list of YouTube videos that I feel are helpful and FUN. At the bottome is a list of playlists and channels on YouTube I recommend you check out. Check back soon as I will be updating this list weekly.



Keep The Music Going - Positive Songs  Here is a video that is almost an hour of songs with a positive message. You can put it on as a “timer” for anything you want your children to busy at for an hour (playing, chores, etc.).

There's A Bunny In My Easter Basket  A song about the Easter Bunny that encouarges movement. Get up offf the couch!

First Responders - A Tribute  A brand new song about First Responders. What better time to discuss the first responders your family knows and why we should be thankful for the job they are doing.

Manage My Stress  A song to help children identify, understand and manage stress. Highly recommended.

You-Nique   A song to encourage your student to “just be you.”

I'm Not Going to Quit!  Been hearing “I can’t do this! I quit!”? Here’s a song to encourage determination and perseverance.

The Personal Space Song  Your kids hollering “Mom, he’s touching me!”? Maybe this song about respecting personal space will help.



QuaverEd Song of the Month. This list contains songs for some holidays and songs to encourage positive self-esteem and attitudes.

Instrument Families  From Quaver Ed that teaches about instrument families.

Learning Songs for Kids  From Samsung Kids+. Various general knowledge and social behavior learning videos.

Social Skills Songs for Kids  A group of songs to encourage positive attitudes and behavior in young students.



Plank Road Publishing. This group has tons of original music for holidays, history and positive attitudes. This company published most of the music we’ve used for Music Lab programs.

Quaver Ed  This channel features songs from the Quaver Music curriculum we use. Many of the songs are for older grades and some are for teachers only, but there is enough here to make your Student feel like they’re back in the Music Room.

Samsung Kids+  A channel with many helpful song videos to boost positive attitude, improved social behavior, and general knowledge.

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