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Music Lab: JUST FOR FUN!

Date set for “JUST FOR FUN!” Our program will be May 13th at 6:00 p.m. in the school Cafeteria. Students will need to be in the Music Room by 5:15 p.m.

Our last program for Music Lab 2018-2019 will be “JUST FOR FUN!” This is a high-energy program with upbeat music and tons of jokes! Since we performed it last year, some of the first graders remember the songs and jokes. I will be splitting the jokes up between the two grades as evenly as I can. I won’t force anyone to tell a joke, but I may have to come back after Spring Break and recruit more “jokesters.” The date for the program has not been set.

First song: “Just For Fun!”


After some jokes, our second song will be “Tell Me a Joke.”


After some more jokes, our third song is “Oh, How I Love the Opera.” It  actually uses a melody from a Mozart opera, but is so silly the kids love it!


After still some more jokes, our fourth song is “Wild & Wacky Western Tune.” It sounds like it came straight out of a western movie with nonsense words.


After (you guessed it) MORE JOKES, our fifth song is “Dancing All Day.” So many movements in this one, the kids feel like they’ve been in PE after it!


 And still more jokes, and our final song is “LOL.” This disco song might make you think of a popular tune from long ago.


Song packets will be sent home before Spring Break, and scripts for the jokes will be handed out after we come back from Spring Break. 

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