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Classroom Expectations and Behavior Management Plan

Classroom Expectations

In addition to developing a deeper love for music, my expecations for my students is for them to follow all of our classroom rules and participate to the best of their abilities. This means each student should focus on the lesson and not be distracted by what is going on elsewhere in the room or outside. 

When a class arrives at the music room door, the students must wait in line to be invited in. Each day, I tell them how they are to enter the room: go directly to their square and sit criss-cross, put their hands in their laps and face the screen with a bubble in their mouths. Sitting criss-cross and keeping hands in their laps is a requirement for music class, because of the movements we do together as a class or individually. If students don’t sit appropriately in their square, they may distract others or be in the walking path of fellow students or myself.

Music should be a very fun experience. Students are expected to participate in every activity to the best of their ability. This includes singing, playing instruments, moving to the music or simply following along on the screen during lessons.

Behavior Management

I understand kindergarteners and first graders are active human beings, and they need to be coaxed back into the proper behavior from time to time. However, if a student is repeatedly not paying attention or not behaving properly (for example, if I have to ask a student to get back on their own square three times in a short time period), then I will move that student from the carpet to a time-out chair. While there, I ask the student to think about how he/she could improve or avoid the improper behavior altogether. After a minute or two, I go back and ask them what they came up with. If a student does not sit in the chair, or keeps turning around to watch what is going on, or is creating distractions in the time-out chair, I will either be calling parents or guardians, or sending the student to the office to meet with Mrs. Hathaway.

Continued poor behavior can be reflected in their grade for that day, but generally, if a student reflects on how they behaved and how they can improve themselves there will be no further action needed.

It is my goal to make learning fun for all students and this is best achieved with rules being folowed for student safety and fewer distractions.


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